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Thanks to our sponsors, BreathingRoom is becoming available to more people everyday.


Ready for something different?

Welcome to BreathingRoom™, an eight-module online program to build resilience. Take in a big breath of fresh ideas, learn new ways of looking at life, new coping strategies.

Feeling stuck? Needing a jump start? Or, just need some space? BreathingRoom™ may be just the place—it’s private and available anytime, anywhere you have online access. Everything on the site has been created with input from young people who’ve experienced life’s struggles.

C’mon in, check out cool videos, true stories, and simple tools that can help you feel better. Why not have a few laughs and meet some definitely unique individuals. Learn how to cope better with all the pressures, lighten that load of hurts and just generally figure stuff out.

If you’ve got an open mind and the urge to try something new, BreathingRoom™ could be your ticket to building the life you’ve always wanted.

“It’s really good to realize how important it is to just take the time for yourself.”
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