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Breathing Room™ was made possible by funding received from:

Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Research
Alberta Health Services
Alberta Lottery Fund
Dr. Rogers Prize – Awarded to Dr. Badri Rickhi, September 2009
Royal Bank Foundation
SickKids Foundation, Toronto
The Calgary Foundation
Trico Foundation
Viewpoint Charitable Foundation
Private Donors

Cast & Crew

The Canadian Institute of Natural and Integrative Medicine (CINIM) would like to thank everyone who shared
their passion, expertise and resources to develop, test and implement the BreathingRoom™ (formally “LEAP Project”):
Anonymous Supporters and Volunteers
Alden, Donna. B Ed, MLIS. Teacher-Librarian, Calgary Science School
Asante Sana Films
Bethell, Christina. Ph.D. Oregon Health and Science University
Blackshaw, Kelly. Business Development Director, INLIV
Blake, Cassells & Glaydon LLP
Blue, Liz. (Female Voice)
Breaching Vista
Bryant, Jon. Musician
Carlson, Kodi. B.Sc. Trial Coordinator, CINIM
Carroll, Toby. (Male Voice)
Chafe, Janet. MSW, RSW. Director, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Alberta Health Services, Calgary Zone
Child and Youth Friendly Calgary
Cineplex Entertainment LP
Clark, Dawne Clark. PhD. Professor, Child and Youth Studies, Director, Centre for Child Well-Being
Cohen, Jordan Cohen. MD, FRCP(C). Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry (Adolescent Services), University of Calgary
Copyright Board of Canada
CoreHealth Technologies
Dahm, Judy. Leadership Performance Coach & Consultant, Reflections Consulting.
Dani-Lynn. Canadian Country/Pop Music Artist
Deschenes Regnier. Communication, Design, Marketing
Dennis, Charlotte. BA. Project Coordinator, CINIM
Druckenmiller, Tess. Singer/Songwriter
Bullen, Derek. Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President, S.I. Systems Ltd
Evans, Patti
Frank, Stephen. Boomerang Energy Marketing
Gordon, Pat
Griffith, John. BA, MDiv. Former Spiritual Director, Spiritual Directions
Hamilton, Bethany
Hariri-Kia, Iman. Musician
Hart, Claire. M.D., FRCPC. SW Calgary Psychiatry, Alberta Health Services
Hauserman, Cal. Ph.D. Principal, George Davison School, Medicine Hat
Ho, Johnston
Hons, Cole. Dreamsong Media
Johnson, Noel. Musician
Jones, Melanie. MA. Creative Writer and Performer
Just for Laughs
Kamps, Sheena. Emergency Room Outreach (ERO), Child & Adolescent Mental Health Acute Care and Emergency Services, Alberta Health Services
Kania-Richmond, Ania. BSc, RMT, PhD (can.), Research Consultant, Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary
Kelly, Mary. M.A. Associate Scientist, CINIM
Laura Elder, Laura
Lee, Ben. Musician
Lee, Christopher. CalgaryMovies.com
Livingstone & Cavell Extraordinary Toys, Calgary
Ludwig, Dietrich
Lui, Mingfu Liu. Senior Research Analyst, Alberta Health Services
MacDowell, Samantha
Mah, Andrew F. Creative Writer
Makwana, Stefan. RN. Alberta Health Services
Malhotra, Sonya. M.D., FRCPC. South Health Campus, Alberta Health Services
Malone, Debbie. Library Technologist, Calgary Girls’ School
Mattrix Film and Video Productions
Mental Health Commission of Canada
Microsoft Canada
Mismas, Catherine-Lyn. Student Services Support & Career Advisor, Westmount Charter School
Moon, Sandra. RN, BN.
Morgan, Kate. Musician
Moritz, Sabine. Dipl. Biol., M.Sc. Former Director of Research, CINIM; Manager, Clinical Research Unit, Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Alberta Health Services
Mukaida, Gail. RN, BScN, Kermode Counselling Services.
Paccagnan, Patricia. RN, BN. Clinical Research Nurse & Project Facilitator, CINIM
Penman, Leila
Proudfoot, Peggy
Quan, Hude. MD, PhD. Assistant Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary
Reader’s Digest
Rickhi, Badri M.B., B.S., MD, FRCP(C) Research Chair, CINIM; Clinical Associate Professor, University of Calgary
Rickhi, Niki Venika. Project Coordinator, CINIM
Ruskin, Matt. Director
Scholten, David. Acres and Acres, Musician
Self Connection Books
Sidoryk, Brandi. Sydney York, Musician
Staples-King, Kurtis. I.T. and Administrative Coordinator, CINIM
Steele, Patricia. MBA. CINIM Executive Director
Steindl-Rast, Br. David
Stoelb, Eric. Teacher
The Institute of Noetic Sciences
Trujillo, Jennifer Nayely
Toews, Jennifer
Toews, John. MD, FRCP(C). CINIM Director of Projects; Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, University of Calgary
Tracy Maracle. Administrative Director, CINIM
Tran, Son. CalgaryMovies.com
Troy Payne, Troy. Wellness Realization
Van Wielingen. Susan
Verdejo, Jhea. Musician
Warmland Films
Wilkes, Chris. ChB, MPhil, DCH, MRCP, FRCPC, FAPA. Associate Professor, University of Calgary; Division Chief, Child and Adolescent Psychology; Director, Young Adult Outpatient Services, Department of Psychiatry, Alberta Health Services
Wilkes-Kellough Kjelti. TingleMerrett LLP
Williams, Ross
Wormsbecker, Tracy. Trial Coordinator, CINIM.
Yawney, Jillian. Cybrarian, Calgary Public Library
Yue, Norika. Musician

Youth Volunteers

Over 100 young people who volunteered their time to review content, write stories, recommend materials and share their insights. A special thanks to these young people who played a huge part in creating the program.

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